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Truly this is a sad day in the history of coolur photography. No digital image can capture the fidelity, depth and range of coolurs, shades and moods that was typical of an image shot on Kodachrome. And we'll have to just wait and see if .jpegs, .tiffs, .gifs, etc. have the long-term, unmodified, lifespan of a Kodachrome transparency . The demise of film photography in general is a sad thing, the demise of Kodachrome imagery is a technological tragedy of epic proportions.


Yeah, back in the day, there were more non-profit film companies than you could shake a stick at. Now, all they think about is keneipg afloat by trying to remain profiable. Selfish buggers Let's be serious for a moment. Film is film. There are still a great deal of creative choices for the film shooter.Nostalgia beyond question would be the most foolish reason to continue producing a product that is losing money and few people want

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